Cruising to OYS


Reciprocal visitors are welcome at OYS provided their clubs are open for reciprocity.  Slips at OYS are assigned on a first-come first-served basis for two nights free of charge, and up to three additional nights at $40 per night (excluding pre-arranged club cruises). We are also active members in LOCCA. Please make sure to present your membership card as you arrive at OYS.  For a list of OYS reciprocals, click here.

Docking & registration

OYS accepts visitors to our beautiful club. Please radio on 68 as you are approaching Oakville Harbour. Reservations are not taken in advance. Slips are assigned on a first-come first served basis. Officer's of the Day are monitoring the radio in the afternoons on Friday and Saturdays, and on long weekend Sundays - make sure to check in with these volunteers upon receiving your slip assignment. Please sign in by stopping by the cruising desk in the breezeway.

club cruises

Our cruising program includes organized trips to various clubs around the lake all summer long, for a great party and dinner. As a member of OYS, you have exchange privileges to visit clubs participating in the reciprocal cruising program. Check out the club calendar for a list of upcoming cruises. Members, please don't forget to sign out!

Facilities & amenities

OYS has lots to offer its guests, including onsite ice machine, private washrooms and showers, wifi, BBQs, clubhouse, and kitchen access. OYS is steps away from picturesque downtown Oakville, filled with boutiques and amazing restaurants. Extensive paths along the lake and 16 Mile Creek will keep you active. Bring your paddle accessories for perfect paddling conditions up the creek in this beautiful historic Ontario town. Click here for more of the amazing amenities OYS has to offer.

Our Slips



Cruising from OYS

Club Cruises

Cruising at OYS is about bringing members and families together in an inclusive, safe and encouraging environment. Club cruises are scheduled for weekends in the summer - Saturday night for regular weekends, Saturday and Sunday nights for long weekends. While OYS members sail to other clubs and enjoy dinner and socializing at their facilities, the other club sails to OYS and enjoys our moorings and facilities. The OYS cruising program is open to all full members. Club Cruises are a great way to get to know other club members, make new friends, visit and experience the various ports/anchorages on the lake. Pre-sign up is located in the Member’s Only section. Club Cruises are posted on the club calendar.

Please Sign Out

Don't forget to sign out! Please make sure to record your expected return date, so we can accommodate any visitor's to OYS. If you are heading back earlier than expected and your slip is occupied, please respect our visitor's and find another slip in the meantime.

Have fun

Whatever your destination is, OYS wishes you safe travels and a great time!

OYS memebrs love to cruise! If your club is interested in a reciprocal cruise or if you have any further questions, please email the Cruising Director at...