2024 Fees for New Members

Full members must pay the initiation fee. You may choose to pay it over two years, in instalments. Other membership types do not require an initiation fee.

Membership TypeAbbr.Annual DuesInitiation Fee (if required)
Full Membership
(can be split over two years)
(If mooring outside Oakville Harbour)
(can be split over two years)
Intermediate Membership
(Voting, under 35 years old)
Small Craft Membership
Associate Membership
Crew Membership
Junior Membership
(Non-voting, Under 21 years old)

Additonal ProgramsAnnual Dues
Borrow-A-Boat Program
(must be purchased in conjunction with F, INTER or AS membership categories)


1. OYS membership types include the whole family (including children under 18 years of age) except Crew and Junior membershis which are for the individual only.  Full and Intermeidate memberships accure one seniority point per year.  FOH memberships accure one-half seniority point per year.  

2.  The initiation fee applies to all new F, FOH or FBAB Membership applications and can be paid in a lump sum of $750.00 plus 13% HST, or in two installments of $375.00 plus applicable HST per year.

3. An Intermediate Membership is valid up to the age of 25.  At age 36, as of May 1st of the membership year, the member must convert to a Full memberhsip to retain the accrued seniority points.

4.  A Small Craft Membership isfor an individual or couple who wishes to apply for a Dry Berth for a non-ballasted sailboat (dinghy), or self-propelled craft such as a paddleboard, canoe, or kayak.  Small Craft Memberships do not acure seniority points and are not entitled to vote.

5.  A Crew Membership is for an individual who is part of the regular crew of a Full or Intermediate Member.

6.  A Junior Member is between the ages of 9-21 (or up to 25 years if enrolled in a full-time course of study).  Junior memberships are not entitled to vote.  A Junior membership accures one-half seniority point per year to a maximum of 3 points.  At age 22 as of May 1st of the mmebership year (or at age 25), a Junior membership must convert to a Full or Intermiate membership to retain the accured seniority points.

7.  A Full or Intermeidate Membership is required to participate in the Borrow-A-Boat program.  New members may join as an Assoicate member for up to 2 years, before converting to a Full Membership to continue in the BAB program.

8.  All membership annual dues are plus HST.



Join the Oakville Yacht Squadron Today

OYS would be delighted to have you as members of our club.  With lots of programs running all year long, there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Looking forward to seeing you dockside.

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