The club members named below have been duly elected to serve on the Oakville Yacht Squadron Executive Committee:

Position Name Email
Commodore Bill Frenke commodore@oysqn.com
Vice Commodore Rajesh Krishnaswami vicecommodore@oysqn.com
Rear Commodore Kyle Barber rearcommodore@oysqn.com
Secretary Larry Waters secretary@oysqn.com
Treasurer Charles Loiselle treasurer@oysqn.com
Membership Director Erin Sauder membershipdirector@oysqn.com
Racing Director Andre Beese racingdirector@oysqn.com
Harbour Master John De Sousa & Al Parkhill harbourmaster@oysqn.com
Cruising Director Suzanne & Doug Burwell cruisingdirectoroys@gmail.com
Property Director Ole Johnsen propertydirector@oysqn.com
Sailing School Director Jane Lumbers sailingschooldirector@oysqn.com
Borrow-a-Boat Director Rich O’Hare borrow-a-boat@oysqn.com
Past Commodore Davide Carnevale pastcommodore@oysqn.com
Social Director Michelle Hunt socialdirector@oysqn.com
Other Contacts:
Web Maintenance Karen Wykes website@oysqn.com
 Club Manager  Karen Wykes  karenwykes@oysqn.com
Sailing School Head Instructor Kate O’Hare  oysheadinstructor@oysqn.com