Join the OYS Race Teams! The Oakville Yacht Squadron is a sailing centre of excellence for racers in the GTA.  Due to the implications of Covid-19, we are only offering the Laser Race Team for 2020.

Laser Race Team

PREQUISITES: certificate in cansail 1-4
requirements: sailor must supply their own boat.  Program fee includes season storage

In this program, the advancing sailors’ skills are enhanced and applied to sailing faster and competitively.  Sailors will be working towards completing their CANSail 5 & 6.  These enthusiastic sailors will experience more challenging training sessions while mastering and combining previously learned skills in a race focused environment.  This program focuses on fine tuning the sailors’ sailing proficiency. Sailors will learn imperative racing skills including optimal body position in all conditions, powering up and depowering using sail controls, sheeting and steering, tactical mark rounding, gybing and tacking in all conditions, and stopping and starting on a line.  Sailors in this program are required provide their own Laser dinghy, whether owned or privately chartered.  Summer storage is included in the registration fee.  There is one Laser Radial dinghy available for charter through the OYS Sailing School.

The Oakville Yacht Squadron is a sailing centre of excellence for racers in the GTA.  To maintain this level of excellence, a higher level of commitment from our racers and parents is required.  Regatta participation is a highlight for our sailors in this program and parental support is required by way of chaperoning, hauling trailers, travel planning and regatta assistance.  Please note that regatta fees and travel expenses are not included in the program fee.  Coaching will be provided at regattas.  Regatta participation may not be feasible because of Covid-19.

This program is offered as an 8 week session in July and August running from 8:30am to 3:30pm.

Summer Season: $2,150.00 (HST exempt)