The Borrow-A-Boat Program

OYS originally created our boat sharing program to attract new members with an low risk pathway to sailing and boat ownership.  Today, the OYS Borrow-a-Boat program provides a safe and fun environment to experience the joys of sailing with a group of friendly sailors who enjoy getting out on the water.  If you are new to boating or looking for a way to sail without investing in your own boat this program offers something for you.  As a member of OYS you will have full access to the amazing services offered by our Club and become part of a supportive sailing community.

Benefits of the BAB Program


OYS has 3 boats in the BAB Program. 2 J27s equipped for racing and day sailing and 1 sloop style keelboat dedicated to day sailing.

Lowest cost option to sail

Benefit from the lowest-cost option to get our on the water; making sailing accessible to a wide range of individuals and families. 2 year entry level trial as an Associate Member. Learn more about our Membership and Borrow-A-Boat Program Fees.

Activities & Services

Experience an inviting social atmosphere willl planned events and informal interactions, fostering lasting fridendships with passionate sailors. Learn more about our social calendar.

convenient booking system

Captains can reserve boats for prearranged sails. With access to a minimum of 3 sailing slots/week plus shared sailing experiences - there is ample opportunity to maximize your time on the water.

Sailing for the family

Enjoy a family-friendly club with programming tailored for competitve sailors through racing, and recreational cruising. Memberships include the entire family.

inclusive community

Join a welcoming community of like-minded boaters. In this fun and supportive learning environment, members are encouraged to improve their skills - sailing, opearations and boat maintenance! Benefit from a culture of camaraderie and skill development from beginner to advanced.

Sailing School

Opportunities to participate in sailing lessons through our Sailing School. Members recieve a 10% discount for any OYS sailing programs they enrol in. Learn more about our sailing insturction programs.

Volunteer Culture

Participate in the rich volunteer culture at OYS - it supports the builiding of lasting friendships, provides diverse learning opportunities and contributes to the club we all love!


For an introduction to the program & more information, please email