BOC Overall

  • Posted by oys
  • On October 18, 2022

BOC Overall Results

For the BOC Overall Winner, the Cox-Sprague high point system was used. For a full description of this scoring system, please see this link:

Here is a quick summary of how this works:

The Cox-Sprague system only counts the races each boat sailed. So if you only sailed 10 races, only those 10 will count towards your score. After each race was scored, points were assigned based on the finishing place of a boat and the number of starters in a boat’s fleet in that race. The table in the link above outlines the number of points assigned per race. Each boat then had all their points for the series totalled and then divided by the total possible points that boat could have scored in the races they sailed. This gives each boat a percentage score that represents how close to perfect their results were. 100% would mean you won every race your started.  These percentages were compared across all fleets to determine the overall winner.