Our Club

Welcome to OYS…

The Oakville Yacht Squadron (OYS) is a club dedicated to the education and exploration of sailing, incorporating the benefits of both racing and cruising. We pride ourselves on our friendly and welcoming atmosphere. There are activities for the whole family, and participation is encouraged.

We operate as a self-help club. Everyone pitches in to get the work done – and we have fun doing it.

Whether you are an avid racer, family cruiser or just interested in learning to sail, the Oakville Yacht Squadron has much to offer. We are a family club. Most of our memberships cover the entire family and includes a wide range of activities from sailing lessons to club cruises, racing to “just messing about in boats”. The Oakville Yacht Squadron is a club for every type of sailor.  Located on the West Side of Sixteen-Mile Creek, just south of the Lakeshore Road Bridge, the Oakville Yacht Squadron is one of the prettiest spots in town.