The main clubhouse contains a bar, the Tempest Lounge, kitchen facilities, ping pong table, pool table and an exchange library. On cool evenings you are invited to snuggle up around the fireplace. There is a senior lounge (the Crow’s Nest) above the washrooms. It has comfortable chairs and an elevated deck from which to watch the goings on in the harbour.


Our guest washrooms are located on the north end of the clubhouse, facing the creek. These units are complete with showers.  Door access code is required.  A second set of washrooms, showers and change rooms are located on the lower level of the Crow’s Nest building.

Picnics and BBQ’s

We have gas BBQs which you are welcome to use.   Please make sure to clean the BBQs after use.  Please do not use rail-mounted BBQ on your boat or on the docks.


Ice is available in the freezer on the north side of the clubhouse. $2.50 per bag of cubes or a block. Please drop exact change in the slot marked for the purpose.


You are welcome to purchase OYS articles such as our club burgee or other regalia. Ask at the bar for assistance.

Smoking By-laws

OYS is governed by Ontario Laws which designate certain areas where smoking is prohibited. Please see our diagram indicating permissible smoking areas.

Safety Information