Visitor Information

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Reciprocal Privileges

OYS is happy to offer reciprocal privileges with most yacht clubs on the lake.  First two nights are free, subsequent nights are $40.  Water & Hydro are available at most docks.  All of the OYS moorings are Mediterranean style (bow in).  Check our our reciprocal arrangements.

Visitor's Dock & Facilities

The OYS Visitor’s dock is located on the west side of 16 Mile Creek.  Follow the signs to the visitor’s dock – to port, about halfway to the first bridge.  Click here to learn all about the beautiful facilities that OYS has to offer.  Visitor’s are welcome to join in the club facilitated events too, check our club calendar to see what fun you can have!

Officer on Duty

An officer of the day is available on Fridays from 3pm to 8pm, Saturdays from 1pm to 6pm and long weekends on Sundays from 1pm to 6pm.  Radio on VHF channel 68.  If no one is available to greet you, please check in at the sailing school or with the club manager.  Please make sure to sign in at the visitor’s desk, adjacent to the patio doors.

Please email the Cruising Directors if you have any further questions

OYS Slip Map


  • OYS has 76 mediterranean style slips available to it's members, and welcomes visitors to occupy vacant slips as our members are out exploring Lake Ontario. Please make sure to sign in.


  • OYS is located at 97 Forsythe Street, Oakville. If you are coming by boat, the Oakville Lighthouse (FR) on the south end of the east pier is N 43 26 21.9 W 79 39 56.5 - follow the signs to the visitor's dock. OYS is steps away from picturesque downtown Oakville, which is filled with a delicious selection of restaurants and boutique shops.