Virtual Racing at OYS

Join us every Wednesday (spinnaker) & Thursday (white sail) evenings at 7pm during quarantine for virtual racing.   Access codes sent on Wednesdays

Sign Up to Race...

Fill out the brief form below to sign up to race.  No need to sign up again if you already have registered to race.

Helpful How-to's

New to the world of virtual racing….don’t worry, below are some helpful tutorials to get you started racing.


  1. Open Virtual Regatta Inshore App
  2. On the left side click, custom race
  3. From the ‘Join’ Tab, at the bottom click the green play button.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your private race’s access code, which will be shared the day of the racing via email.
  5. You will be entered into the race.  First race starts at 7pm!

Entering the discord channel

  1. Click the invitation to join the discord channel.
  2. You will be prompted to either register, or login.  It is recommended that you create an account well in advance of the start of the race.  Login or create an account.  
  3. Enter your account information and click ‘login’
  4. Click ‘Open OYS Virtual Regatta’
  5. You are added to the text chat in discord.
  6. By default, voice channels are muted.  If you would like to open the voice channel, at the top left of the page click the three lines and an additional menu will open.  
  7. Under the ‘Voice Channels sub menu, click ‘General’
  8. In the pop up window, click ‘Join Voice’
  9. To turn the microphone on, click the bottom right ‘discord’ icon, scroll the settings until you find ‘Voice’ and click on it.  Speak and you should see the sensitivity light turn green.