Race Registration 2018

2018 Club Racing Registration


To complete race registration, you must…

1. Fill out this form completely and accurately.

2. Make PHRF Certificate payment of $35.00 (One Design competitors who do not have a PHRF-LO certificate are exempt). Choose optional $65.00 donation if you wish to contribute to the OYS Corinthian Fund, a support fund for our youth sailing competitors. Payments can be made via cheque, transferring funds to paypal@oysqn.com or paid at the bar using cash, credit or debit.

3. All boats are required to provide at least two (2) crew member for race committee duty assignment for at least one race in any of the Spring, Fall or Midweek series. Racers are encouraged to volunteer for more than one duty assignment. Click here to sign up for a race committee shift.


Skipper & Boat Information

Skipper’s Full Name:*


Primary Phone Number:*

Sail Number:*

Boat Name:*

Boat Type:*

Insurance Company:*

Policy Number:*

PHRF Certificate Number:*

Series Selection

Please select which series you plan to compete in this year. You may add or remove a selection by contacting the Racing Director by email at racingdirector@oysqn.com at least 48 hours prior to the start of any series.

*Registrations for all other races will proceed closer to the event date*

Sunday Spring Series:*

Wednesday Series:*

Thursday Series:*

Fall Series:*

2018 Owner’s Waiver

I agree to be bound by the racing rules of the ISAF, the prescriptions of the CYA, and the sailing instructions governing this race.

I declare that at least $2,000,000 public liability insurance is in full effect on this yacht, including racing activities.

I declare that no modification has been made to this yacht since I last filed a PHRF-LO application

The undersigned hereby agree that neither the owner(s) nore any members of the yacht’s crew shall in any way whatsoever hold the Officers and members of the Oakville Yacht Squadron, the Race Committee or any employees of the Oakville Yacht Squadron, in whole or in part, liable for any damage, accident, injury or loss of life occuring, suffered or happening to the Yacht, her owner(s) or any member of her crew while participating in any Race Event organized by the Oakville Yacht Squadron.
The owner(s) of the Yacht named above hereby agrees to and abides by all provisions of the current Oakville Yacht Squadron Sailing Instructions.

The owner(s) and crew of the yacht enter these races of their desire and agree to be bound by the rules of good sportsmanship and the Racing Rules of Sailing.

The yacht is well found and in seaworthy condition.

The owner(s) agree that it is their responsibility to ensure that the Yacht carries all required safety equipment in good order and that their crew is familiar with its location and means of operation.

The owner(s) certify that the yacht is covered by a minimum of $2,000,000 insurance and that this will be maintained while participating in any event organized by the Oakville Yacht Squadron.

Please type Owner(s) Name below to agree to the aforementioned terms and conditions*

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