2020 Membership Renewal Fees

Membership TypeAbbr.FeeHST (13%)Total Owing
Full with mooring in another harbourFOH$499.65$64.95$564.60
Full + Borrow-A-Boat ProgramFBAB$1415.69$184.04$1,599.73
Intermediate & BABIBAB$951.72$123.72$1,075.44
Intermediate (up to 29 years of age) *INTER$535.34$69.59$604.93
Associate **AS$345.00$44.85$389.85
Absent ***AB$260.55$33.87$294.42
Small CraftSC$499.65$64.95$564.60
Associate + Borrow-A-Boat ProgramABAB$761.38$98.98$860.36
Junior (9-21 years of age) ****JR$71.38$9.28$80.66

* An Intermediate member who reaches the maximum age may renew as a Full membership without loss of seniority points, and is not required to pay an initiation fee.
** A Full membership may renew as an Associate membership for up to 3 years without loss of seniority points.
*** A Full member who has moved more than 150 km from Oakville may renew as an Absent membership indefinitely without loss of seniority points
**** A Junior member who reaches the maximum age may renew as an Intermediate member without loss of seniority points

Join the Oakville Yacht Squadron

OYS would be delighted to have you as members of our club.  With lots of programs running all year long, there is something for everyone to enjoy.    Looking forward to seeing you dockside.

Please email the Membership Director if you have any further questions